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One step at a time towards a more sustainable lifestyle

So how did it all begin? We had both been active on social media for a long time and had noticed that a lot of social media influencers promote a very unsustainable lifestyle. On the other hand we saw a lot of accounts with the burning desire to make a change. But how could we make it easier for people who are ineterested in sustainable living to find all of these amazing accounts in one place? And how could get these amazing influencers together to recieve support, connections and input from each other?

The answer was Sustainable Influencers. We wanted to create a forum and a community to let these creative, talented, inspiring people who aim to make the world a better place more visible on social media. At first we started our Facebook-community where we inspire and support each other. Then we started our Instagram account to make it easier for our readers to find new, interesting, sustainable accounts.

But who are we, the people behind it?

Our board


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Our swedish podcast - Steg för Steg


At the end of august 2018 we released our podcast "Steg för Steg - En podcast av Sustainable Influencers" (Step by Step) in swedish for everyone who wants to live a more sustainble life. By inviting guests with different backgrounds, ideas and expertises we want to show that everyone can do something and that the journey to sustainability looks different for different people.


The podcast is available in most places where you can find podscasts. You can follow us on Libsyn and like our Facebook page to follow our work. The episodes are released once every second week. Follow our instagram for the podcast (@stegforstegpodcast) and for the network (@sustainableinfluencers) for pictures and videos behind the scenes in the making of the podcast.

Looking forward to exciting new projects

We are currently working on new projects to let sustainability take up more space on social media. We want to show that living an eco friendly life is for everyone and that it's fun, easy and cheap to find new solutions. We want to encourage companies, private persons and other organisations to do what they can to create a better future for all of us. We need the change now and we are sure that we all have what it takes if we just put our minds to it.

Are you stuck in your work with sustainability? Do you need help on the way? Or do you just want to discuss these issues with someone with a different perspective? We would love to meet! Send us an email, tell us about yourself and your idea and we will get in touch. We are all stronger together.



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Join our community if you are a sustainable influencer or follow our page to get the latest news from our members.

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